Hi lovies! I’m Menika, but you know me better as The Pudding Pusher! I’m the mom to 2 girls, Meniya and Pamelyn (PJ), native of Lockport, NY (Go Bills!) and have been a resident of Charlotte, NC since the summer of 2006. The Pudding Pusher LLC’s official birthday is June 16, 2020, however, I have been making my famous banana pudding for over 10 years. I am thankful everyday, that my beloved mother Pam, handed me her recipe just a couple of years before she left this earth. Ever since then, it’s been one of my signature, most requested dishes!

The experience of raising two beautiful girls inspires me every day to reach for the stars. While 2020 has been challenging, it has also pushed me to be the best version of myself. I have always loved to be in the kitchen, always loved to fill my loved ones bellies, always strived to put a smile on people’s faces! I take pride in making every pan and jar with abundant love and if my customers feel that in just one spoonful, then my job is done!